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Calamity Arms gunsmith services include everything from customizing your existing rifle to building the one you’ve always wanted.


At Calamity Arms, we spend time with you to figure out what you need to be the best shooter you can be. We pride ourselves on our ability to build high quality rifles at a affordable price.


From the initial consultation, we handle every aspect of the project as if the finished product were going into our own collection. It is this attentiveness that ensures our customers not only receive the highest quality firearm possible, but one that will shoot consistently year after year.

Custom Rifle Builds

Individuals who own custom rifles do so for their Quality, Consistency, and Functionality.


Quality – The Quality of a Calamity Arms Rifle is of higher standard than mass produced rifles. This is in due to most manufactures settling on cheaper parts, to ensure that the rifle can retail to the consumer at an affordable price. With our custom rifles, you can choose what goes into your precision firing machine; thus ensuring only quality products go into your build!


Consistency – Everything about our Custom Rifles scream consistency. From the barrel to the action, we dial to within .0002 of an inch before starting our work. This ensures the highest shooting accuracy possible.  


Functionality – Last, but certainly not least important is functionality. Our Custom Rifles function better because they are built specifically with your intended use in mind.  So, whether you’re looking to show off at the range or take a big Buck in the field, you can rest assured that your custom rifle will perform and get the job done!


Customize a Factory Rifle


Not sure a Custom Rifle is for you or your budget? We can make many improvements to your factory built firearm that can often dramatically enhance the capabilities and accuracy of that rifle. Do not believe that it is impossible to have a quality rifle that is built on an existing factory platform.


That process starts by discussing three questions…


What are you looking for in a rifle?

How do you plan to use the rifle?


What is your budget?

These questions will help us find the perfect balance between the parts to use, the usage of the rifle and how to bring it all together to meet your wants/needs. So, if you have a project or would like some additional information contact us today.