Find a great deal on a firearm online or out-of-state? Let Calamity Arms complete your FFL Gun transfer for the LOW price of $15.


We will take care of everything making the process quick and easy. 



While the FFL transfer process may seem tedious and potentially intimidating, it is actually pretty easy.


Here are the basics…



Seems easy enough right? Sometimes, finding what you’re looking for is easier said than done. These days when looking for a good buy, one of the best places to look is Internet gun forums.


Keep in mind however, that it is your sole responsibility to verify that your local and state laws don’t prohibit you from owning the gun you want to purchase. We can help point you in the right direction, but ultimately, this is your responsibility to figure out.


Have some seriously cool NFA items? Don't sweat, we can make this process just as smooth! Calamity Arms is a NFA Class 2 Manufacturer and can legally handle Class 3 items.


On​ce you and the seller have agreed on payment terms, you have to initiate the transfer by providing our FFL to the seller.  You can do so by downloading and sending to the seller or provide us with an email or mailing address and we can send it.


Once the seller receives the FFL, they are permitted to ship the gun to us. After a short wait, your gun should arrive at our place of business.




This part of the process is exactly like going into any local gun store and buying a gun from their shelves; you must undergo NICS background check and complete form 4473.


Once the background comes back clear, then all you need to do is pay the $15 'Dealer Transfer Fee' for labor incurred during the transfer process and start enjoying your new gun.



We use NICS E-Check. This function enables FFLs to initiate an unassisted NICS background check for firearm transfers via the internet. The NICS Section ensured that security was a priority during the development and implementation of the NICS E-Check. The NICS E-Check is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, for misuse and unauthorized access. In addition, the NICS E-Check denies access to any individual whose identification is not known to the system.

When a firearm background check is initiated via the NICS E-Check and it is determined that prohibitive criteria exists, the NICS Examiner will deny the firearm transaction. If the NICS returns a match of the prospective firearm transferee’s descriptive information to that of record information located in any of the databases that is potentially disqualifying, the NICS Examiner delays the transaction.


When the initial processing of the NICS E-Check transactions is completed, the NICS E-Check generates the status to be relayed electronically to the requestor.  If the transaction is determined to be a delay, the pre-calculated date the requestor may transfer the firearm if no resolution is provided within three business days is also relayed.


The NICS Examiner begins extensive research on the potential prohibitors located on firearm background checks delayed via the NICS E-Check. Upon completion of the research when a definitive status is determined, an electronic message is generated to the requestor for a PROCEED or DENY decision. When transactions are denied after the third business day, the requestor is contacted via telephone with the final status. 

Contact Us if you have additional questions on completing your transaction.

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